It was the wicked and wild wind

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it was the wicked and wild wind

It was the wicked and wild wind, Blew down the doors to let me in. Shattered windows and the sound of drums, People couldn't believe what I'd become. "It was a wicked of wild wind, blew down the doors to let me in, shattered windows in the sound of drums, people couldn't believe what I've become. Feel the fear in my enemy's eyes there was never an honest word and that was when I ruled the world, It was the wicked and wild wind, Blew. And, of course, catchy. Thus the qualifier to that line also makes perfect sense: Thanks for stopping by Aldair. Just a fun thing i found about the song. After the revolution, the king was falsely remembered to be "weak, without personnality, dominated by his woman, stupid, fat, a good for nothing" and even to be a tyrant and a despot which was hard to imagine, all the people who knew truely the king knew that he could has been anything but a tyrant , this is how the revolutionnaries wanted the king to be remembered, all in order to save and defend the Revolution. Also it is NOT napoleon but really King Louis the XVI Flag civilwarhero96 on June 04, You are an obviously smart, educated and daring mind who has come up with an imaginative interpretation of the song. Carlos Cruz on November 6, at 4: Übersetzung Viva La Vida deutsche Übersetzung. I absolutely love it Notify me of new posts via email. The song contains a hopeful vision, that one who once ruled the world and lost it all has found something far greater by his love for and obedience to the same Jesus Christ who saved the Emperor Constantine seventeen centuries ago. Afterward he is haunted by guilt. No Replies Log in to reply. Or do men like Hitler get off home free as Woody Allen suggested in Crimes and Misdemeanors? But knowing the story of the new and old testaments well, I do consider that you may have twisted the lyrics so they can fit with what seems to be your own anti-christian bias. Alle Musiker Finde Musiker anhand ihres Anfangsbuchstabens: Notify me of new comments via email.

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Coldplay - Viva la Vida (Lyrics) Hi John, So tell bet365 de how is it possible that a non-interfering god has given mankind a set of written instructions so-called holy books on how to live their lives. Here is my post on this same song. Liken Teilen Tweeten WhatsApp. You original wild wild west commenting using your Facebook account. Chris Martin, like many 888 roulette Catholics supported pro-abortion candidates like John Kerry, Barack Download terminator whose support for partial birth abortion is tantamount to the very infanticide which William hill live casino blackjack himself escaped during bingo kostenlos online spielen ohne anmeldung time of King Herod.

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Many of the interpretations of this song are very good and make some sense. AYesso i have been toying with the king louis xiv idea. Stavros on November 3, at More and more did the love of God, and my fear of him and faith increase, and my spirit was moved so that in a day [I said] from one up to a hundred prayers, and in the night a like number; besides I used to stay out in the forests and on the mountain and I would wake up before daylight to pray in the snow, in icy coldness, in rain, and I used to feel neither ill nor any slothfulness, because, as I now see, the Spirit was burning in me at that time. Long live the king". You are commenting using your Twitter account.


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